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I have drawn caricatures live at events for over 15 years.

They make a unique addition to a wedding celebration or party, or can help draw footfall to a trade show stand or exhibition. My live caricatures are drawn in black and grey inks and take around 7 minutes per person. They are presented to the sitter in a plastic sleeve. I work seated at an easel, which allows people to watch me work as each caricature develops. 


Frequently asked questions


How are the caricatures drawn?


My live caricatures are drawn with a mixture of pencil, black ink and grey ink shading.

They are A3 in size. I draw from a seated position at an easel with those wishing to be drawn coming to me.


How long does each one take?


Roughly around 8 minutes per person but I can speed up depending on the length of the queue!

The time taken can depend on what is involved, such as hair styles, accessories etc.


What do you require at the venue?


A well lit area with room for up to 3 chairs and an easel, and plenty of willing subjects!

I will generally arrive around 30 minutes prior to the event to get set up.


How much will it cost?


My rates are on request depending on what is required in terms length of booking and distance to travel etc.

Just get in touch for details. My bookings typically start at £210 for a 2 hour booking.


How do I make payment?


I take a £75 deposit to secure the booking, the remaining payment is due up to one week prior to the event.


What is your minimum and maximum length of booking?


My minimum booking is 2 hours. My maximum booking is 4 hours - before my drawing arm packs up!


How far are you willing to travel?


The majority of my work is in The North East and North Yorkshire, Teesside and Northumberland.


Have you ever massively offended anyone?


The majority of people take my caricatures with the good humour of which they are intended.

My style is fairly subtle and not too over the top. To this day all my own teeth remain....


Do you offer a Wedding package?


Yes - this includes a full colour caricature of the Wedding couple which then features on every caricature drawn on the day of the event - along with the date, venue and any other details the couple requires.


For further details just get in touch here.

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